Investing Blog Roundup: Social Security Made Simple Updated to Reflect Recent Legislative Changes, Free Next Monday + MORE 11:19 am Nov 28th

Taxation As A Severe Insult – Submitted by Tibor Machan via, Who is Best Qualified to Decide how How Your Wealth Should be Used? I have noted before that my fellow citizens and I are the best wealth redistributors one can find. We know quite well, with only rare exceptions, where the wealth

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7 Reasons to Get Your Kids That Dog They've Been Begging You For + MORE 11:19 am Nov 28th

Response to Tragedy at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Facility – Focus on the Family president Jim Daly issued the following statement today in response to the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colo. “Today’s violence at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility, just miles from our ministry headquarters, is tragic and

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They Sow The Cyclone – We Reap The Blowback + MORE 10:49 am Nov 27th

Effects of US Quantitative Easing on Emerging Market Economies – Continue Reading On » EnPro Industries, Inc. (NPO): Are Hedge Funds Right About This Stock? – Amid an overall market correction, many stocks that smart money investors were collectively bullish on tanked during the third quarter. Among them, Valeant and Micron ranked

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Bite-Size Goals! + MORE 10:19 am Nov 26th

What do Hedge Funds Think of Haemonetics Corporation (HAE)? – Legendary investors such as Leon Cooperman and Seth Klarman earn enormous amounts of money for themselves and their investors by doing in-depth research on small-cap stocks that big brokerage houses don’t publish. Small cap stocks -especially when they are screened well- can generate… [[

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